All About Evil (2010)

Following its world premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival and a limited theatrical run in 2010, Peaches Christ’s All About Evil disappeared. Now, it’s back and coming out on blu ray from Severin during their mid-year sale and then will start streaming on Shudder June 13. After a scene that echoes Whatever Happened to […]

Scum of the Earth! (1963)

The first roughie and the work of Herschell Gordon Lewis and producer David F. Friedman, Scum of the Earth! tells the story of Kim Sherwood (Vickie Miles, AKA Allison Louise Downe, who was also in several other Lewis movies like She-Devils on Wheels), a college girl She-Devilshe wrong way and ends up trying to pay her […]

The House That Vanished (1973)

“When you finish watching this, R.D., please let me know if the house ‘vanished,’ and if so, where did it go?” *— Bill Van Ryn, Drive-In Asylum To start off this review, I’ve opted to use the Italian theatrical one-sheet — the title translates as the effective and logical, The Shadow of the Murderer — […]

Satanic Attraction (1989) and Ritual of Death (1990)

Well . . . after Sam dug up a Halloween-inspired review of Nick Millard’s obscure Satan’s Black Wedding (1976), I decided to answer the challenge with this Fauzi Mansur low-budget obscurity: an awfully-dubbed mess about Fernanda, an underground radio disc jockey who coos her self-composed tales of the macabre — after one to many viewings […]