EDITOR’S NOTE: You can see this classic this weekend at the Drive-In Super Monster-Rama! Get more info at the official Drive-In Super Monster-Rama Facebook page and get your tickets at the Riverside Drive-In’s webpage. Hammer was originally founded in 1934 by William Hinds, whose stage name was Will Hammer as he grew up in the Hammersmith […]

Billy Frankenstein (1998)

Billy Frank (Jordan Lamoureux) is a very distant relative of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Bloodstone (Peter Spellos) dreams of bringing that mad scientist’s greatest creation back to life. He invites Billy and his family to move into their ancestral castle hoping that he can help him say, “It’s alive!” all over again. Constable Frogg (John Maynard) has […]

ARROW UHD RELEASE: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994)

Considered the most faithful film adaptation of Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, this 1994 movie was directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Steph Lady and Frank Darabont, who said that it was, “the best script I ever wrote and the worst movie I’ve ever seen.” He told, “t’s kind of […]

JESS FRANCO MONTH: Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein (1972)

The third movie released in the U.S. as Dracula vs. Frankenstein (after Naschy in Los Monstruos del Terror and Al Adamson’s memorable movie), Jess Franco’s Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein follows his Christopher Lee-starring Count Dracula, with Howard Vernon taking over the role and being controlled by Dr. Frankenstein (Dennis Price). Their mutual enemy ends up being Dr. Jonathan Seward […]

JESS FRANCO MONTH: La maldición de Frankenstein (1973)

After the death of Victor Frankenstein (Dennis Price) at the hands of perhaps immortal mystic wizard Cagliostro (Howard Vernon) and Melissa, his blood-thirsty blind bird woman (Anne Libert), the metallic monster of Frankenstein is torn between his master’s killer and the daughter who has inherited his mantle, Dr. Vera Frankenstein (Beatriz Savon). Shot in the […]

Frankenstein General Hospital (1988)

Dr. Bob Frankenstein (Mark Blankfield, who was also in Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again, The Midnight Hour, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, the TV show Fridays and took the role of Navin Johnson from Steve Martin in The Jerk, Too) has changed his name to Dr. Robert Frankenheimer and works as an intern at a Los Angeles hospital called, well, General Hospital. […]