EXPLORING: Nightmare Theater

EDITOR’S NOTE: This originally ran in Drive-In Asylum #23. Buy it now. One of my obsessions is the memory of not knowing. Now, so many of my movie-watching choices are planned in advance. Yet as I grew up in the 70s, we had the opportunity to be surprised by movies on a daily basis. Sure, you […]

EXPLORING: Disco slashers

A couple of weeks ago on the Drive-In Asylum Double Feature, Bill, Gigi and I were discussing why there weren’t more disco-based slasher movies. Sure, disco died — or so they say, but it never went away and we all know and love this — during Disco Demolition Night on Thursday, July 12, 1979 in Chicago. […]

Exploring: Christian Cinema of the ’70s

Editor’s Note: This cinematic journey will take us from 1970 to 1983, as we explore 36 films. You’ll find links to individual, expanded reviews for some of those films, which will, in turn, have links to watch the films online. There is, admittedly, a lot to unpack here. So bookmark this article — and come […]

Exploring: SOV Filmmaker Jon McBride

“At the time I didn’t think anyone but the people involved were going to see [Cannibal Campout] and when it was actually picked up for distribution I was shocked. The fact that it’s achieved any kind of cult status is totally amazing to me. Even after Cannibal [Campout] was distributed I thought only a handful […]