Drag Racing Week: Another take on: More American Graffiti (1979)

Where George Lucas’ American Grafitti showed the last few days before college for a group on American teenagers, the sequel — written and directed by Bill L. Norton, who was an actor in Messiah of Evil and also directed Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend — is about what happens next to the characters played by Candy Clark, Ron […]

Drag Racing Week: Fast Company (1979)

Editor’s Note: This review ran on August 8, 2020. We’re bringing it back for our “Drag Racing Week” tribute. David Paul Cronenberg. The man who gave ex-pornographic actress Marilyn Chambers a vampiric armpit. The man who made us lifelong fans of Micheal Ironside (John Saxon, Part Deux!) when he exploded his head via psychic brain […]

Drag Racing Week: Drag Racer (1972)

Editor’s Note: This review ran on December 12, 2020. We’re bringing it back for our tribute week to the funny cars and rails of drag racing of the ’60s and ’70s “(A) versatile and underrated B-movie Renaissance man.” — IMDb, about actor-director John “Bud” Carlos. That’s the understatement of the century, ye IMDb database scribe. […]