The Stepmother (1972)

Hikmet Labib Avedis may not be considered one of the best directors of all time, but he should be known as one of the most entertaining. Throughout his films, I’m never anything but into the story and wondering what happens next. Take The Stepmother, a film which prefigures the adult world of today by presenting the […]

Tenement (1985)

One of the few movies to be rated X for just plain violence, Tenement reminds me of exactly why I love Roberta Findlay. I’m not expecting high art. I’m expecting sheer spectacle and entertainment, which this movie overdelivers. Also known as Game of Survival and Slaughter in the South Bronx, this movie is another that didn’t […]

Flash and the Firecat (1975)

We’ve talked quite a bit about writer-director-producers Ferd and Beverly Sebastian in the paragraphs of our reviews for ‘Gator Bait and AC/DC: Let There Be Rock (which they imported and recut) and Rocktober Blood* (four times!). The drive-in oeuvre of their Sebastian International Pictures was a studio that was second-to-none in churning out one Roger […]

Drive-In Friday: Phil Savath Night

From Terminal City Ricochet with Jello Biafra to Beverly Hills, 90210 with Luke Perry? From the science fiction/horror musical Big Meat Eater featuring the soft-shoe of “Baghdad Boogie” to the historical drama Samuel Lount? Drag racing through the eyes of David Cronenberg? Children’s programming? Welcome to the eclectic career of Phil Savath. Phil Savath, born […]

Fast Company (1979)

David Paul Cronenberg. The man who gave ex-pornographic actress Marilyn Chambers a vampiric armpit. The man who made us lifelong fans of Micheal Ironside (John Saxon, Part Deux!) when he exploded his head via psychic brain waves. The man who knew we couldn’t pass up a film where Oliver Reed causes Samantha Eggar to “birth” […]

Exploring: John Saxon

Born Carmine Orrico on August 5, 1936 and sadly departing this Earth just a few days ago, John Saxon is my favorite actor of all time. This isn’t hyperbole. This is fact, as Saxon unites nearly every one of my favorite film genres. You can always count on him to deliver the goods, no matter […]

Exploring: Drama at the Drive-In

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bill Frugge has been a lifelong fan of the drive-in. He always remembers to return his speaker to the holder before he drives away. Throughout the ’70s there existed a type of film that defied simple classification. They weren’t exactly sex romps or comedies, but they could be sexy and funny. They weren’t really […]