2020 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 6: The Park Is Mine (1986)

Day 6: Poll Plot: One that involves elections and/or voting. *government not required. Author’s Note: This review originally ran on December 6, 2019, as part of our tribute to the film soundtracks of Tangerine Dream. This high-brow, Rambo-esque tale on the plight of war veterans — and the government that ignores them — was a […]

Vampire Hookers (1979)

“Hey, Moe! These chickees are vampires!”“Shut up, numbskull. I’m having sex!”“Why soitenly! Woo-woo-woo!”— Curly and Moe in The Three Stooges Meet The Vampire Hookers Just when you thought The Thirsty Dead was the end all be all of Filipino vampire movies, here comes Cirio H. Santiago with his own Filipino vampire movie. Like Cirio was […]

Loqueesha (2019)

Author’s Note: Due to the controversial nature of this film, please note this is a film review that addresses the creative art of filmmaking only, most importantly, what constitutes a “bad film,” why actors pursue “passion projects” (aka “vanity projects”), and the struggles of unknown actors wanting to a make a mark in Hollywood; it […]

Firecracker (1981)

Have we ever mentioned how much we love Cirio H. Santiago? Oh yeah. We have. If you watch that quick clip of this movie and don’t fall in love with this movie, there’s no hope for you. Firecracker, also known as Naked Fist, is everything you want in a mindless action movie. Did you like seeing […]

2019 Psychotronic Scarecrow Challenge: Day 17: Option 2: In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I Murders (1988)

Day 17 Evil in Broad Daylight: Scary stories aren’t just for the night time Tracy Keenan Wynn is the gold standard in screenwriting and teleplays. Look at that resume: The Glass House (1972; TV’s Alan Alda, Vic Morrow of Message from Space and Clu Gulager of Hunter’s Blood), the platinum standard of football—and prison movies—The […]

Blood Cult (1985)

During the Blood Cult media frenzy splashed across the trash cinema, monster, and underground movie magazines of my youth — such as my cherished issues of Famous Monsters and Fangoria — I can’t recall if the Hollywood movie and rock ‘n’ roll royalty lineage of director Christopher Lewis was reported on, and, if it was, that […]