A Bullet for Pretty Boy (1970)

Wow! This movie has it all! It’s an American International Pictures release! Cheapjack drive-in copycat Larry Buchanan! Beach flick purveyor Maury Dexter! Still livin’ the dream ex-’60s teen idol Fabian! And a connection to Jim Morrison? Strap on the popcorn bucket! In 1967, Warner Bros. hit a $70 million payday on a $2.5 million investment […]

Three Men on Fire (1986)

This review is all about expatriate American actors Gordon Mitchell and Richard Harrison. This review is not, however, about — although it spews bullets and blows up like one — an ’80s First Blood-cum-Commando Philippines war flick rip. And it’s not about an ’80s Italian First Blood-cum-Commando Philippines-esque war flick rip, either. And it’s also […]

Philippine War Week: The Expendables (1988)

Cirio H. Santiago is kinda royalty around these parts, what with his involvement in movies like TNT Jackson, The Muthers, Vampire Hookers, Firecracker, Stryker, Wheels of Fire, The Sisterhood, Dune Warriors and so many more movies. Here, he takes the Dirty Dozen to Vietnam by way of the Philipines and hey look, there’s Vic Diaz! Well, it all starts with Captain […]

Philippine War Week: Kill Zone (1993)

Roger Corman producing a Cirio H. Santiago Philippines-ripoff of Rambo starring David Carradine? No, back up that half-track, soldier! In addition to Rambo, we’re getting an inversion of Brian De Palma’s Causalities of War. See? Roger Corman is never one to allow a major studio theatrical hit go to waste. The “Tony Dorsett” starring alongside […]

Robo Warriors (1996)

Editor’s Note: Yes, there was, in fact, a (lost) third sequel — and fourth film — in Stuart Gordon’s mecha-verse begun in 1989 with Robot Jox and continued in 1990 with Crash and Burn, then Robot Wars. Welcome to the world of the Robo Warriors — a review inspired by an anonymous inquiry via our […]