Exploring: Andy Sidaris

Starting with 1973’s Stacey and 1979’s Seven, the former director of ABC’s Wide World of Sports and innovator of instant replay, slow-motion replay and split-screen views created a world of men that can’t shoot straight and gorgeous female agents. He called his movies b-movies, not because they were lower in quality, but because he filled them with what he referred […]

La gatta in calore (1972)

Writer/director Nello Rossati isn’t an Italian filmmaker that gets brought up all that often. He does have some interesting films in his resume, including 1987’s Django Strikes Again, the only official sequel to a western genre all on its own. He also made Bona parte di Paolina, one of the few Napoleon-sploitation films that I can think […]

S**t & Champagne (2021)

There’s not too many films that sell me within a minute of its two minute trailer with a want, no, a need, to see the movie it shills. Oh, do I ever want to stream this movie. If Quentin Tarantino decided to make another retro-homage to his video store memories of old — only trading […]

B-Movie Blast: Superchick (1973)

“A Supercharged Girl! Always Ready For Action . . . of Any Kind!!” — Copywriter innuendo to make you buy that ticket While this sounds like a female-spun, Sexploitation-era James Bond knockoff, à la Cherie Caffaro’s Ginger McAllister from Ginger (1971), The Abductors (1972), and Girls Are For Loving (1973) — which, along with Ted […]