Exploring: Andy Sidaris

Starting with 1973’s Stacey and 1979’s Seven, the former director of ABC’s Wide World of Sports and innovator of instant replay, slow-motion replay and split-screen views created a world of men that can’t shoot straight and gorgeous female agents. He called his movies b-movies, not because they were lower in quality, but because he filled them with what he referred […]

Mill Creek Sci-Fi Invasion: Top Line (1988)

We can blame this Italian hodgepodge waste bucket of influences — shot and theatrically released under the title of Alien Terminator, becoming Top Line for video — on George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for giving us their joint jungle-sci-fi Indiana Jones adventures. Oh, and James Cameron for The Terminator. And once you toss in a […]

Record City (1977)

Record City is no High Fidelity, Empire Records, or even FM. Not even Trax in Pretty In Pink. Nope, Record City is a huge story filled with way too many people that all meander around with no story whatsoever, but if you’re interested in film as time capsule of an era, this is certainly one worth opening and looking inside. […]

Django Strikes Again (1987)

After waiting two decades for a sequel, in 1987 Franco Nero and director Nello Rossati (Alien Terminator) finally delivered the sequel that Italian Western fans had been craving (and had kind of received with thirty unofficial sequels). Where was Sergio Corbucci, the director of the original, who had co-written the sequel and had initially agreed […]

The Racing Scene (1969)

James Garner was a huge star in 1969, coming off the TV series Maverick and roles in films like The Great Escape, Support Your Local Sheriff! and Marlowe, a movie in which he fought Bruce Lee. He also made the movie Grand Prix for John Frankenheimer, which was the sixth movie of his that didn’t do well at the box office. […]

Exploring: John Saxon

Born Carmine Orrico on August 5, 1936 and sadly departing this Earth just a few days ago, John Saxon is my favorite actor of all time. This isn’t hyperbole. This is fact, as Saxon unites nearly every one of my favorite film genres. You can always count on him to deliver the goods, no matter […]

Heartbeat (2020)

A reporter finds her life in danger when the story she has published results in several murders that come closer to her. That seems like a simple start, but the truth is, I was continually surprised by this horror film, as every time that I thought it would be a typical direct to streaming affair, […]