Glass Trap (2005)

It’s not enough to be a skyscraper in danger movie or an ants go berserk movie. This is radioactive ants gone mad inside a skyscraper movie. Fred Olen Ray has somehow talked C. Thomas Howell, Andrew Prine, Stella Stevens and Martin Kove, as well as several of his regulars and some newcomers to be in […]

2021 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 19: The Night God Screamed (1971)

DAY 19 — CAN’T YOU HEAR ME KNOCKIN’?: When you let an unexpected guest in, you may be in for a long night. Editor’s Note: While we’ve included this — controversial — film as part of our Christploitation genre cataloging, we’ll also briefly delve into the Hagsploitation genre, turn you on to a few “hippie […]

The Evil (1978)

Psychiatrist C.J. Arnold (Richard Crenna) has bought an abandoned Civil War mansion that was built over hot sulfur pits, which seems like it may instantly be an issue beyond the fact that, you know, the house is totally haunted. But sure, why not turn it into a place where drug addicts can cold turkey sweat out […]

Possums (1998)

Okay, so this radio station flick doesn’t deal in rock ‘n’ roll, but in sports. But we can cheat this flick into our latest “Rock ‘n’ Roll Week” of reviews courtesy of its star: Texas-born country singer, songwriter, and actor Mac Davis. Best known for his huge, ’70s AM radio solo hits “Baby, Don’t Get […]