CANNON MONTH 2: Secrets of a Superstud (1976)

What was it with Cannon buying all of these British softcore movies? Also known as It’s Getting Harder All the Time and Naughty Girls on the Loose, this movie was also filmed with hardcore scenes, which was quire the scandal at the time in England.

Shot as Custer’s 13, it’s the story of Custer Firkinshaw (Anthony Kenyon), the owner of Bare Monthly magazine. He’s surrounded by centerfolds and attractive officer administrators, but when his uncle Charlie dies, he has to battle the lawyers and his family to get his fortune. It turns out that Custer has to marry and have a child in three months or lose everything. To keep track of him, his aunt Sophie (Margaret Burton) hires private detective Bernie Selby (Alan Selwyn, one of the movie’s directors and writers).

Here’s where the fake science comes in: Custer has had so much sex that he only has 13 “units of sexual activity” left. Loads? Or times to have sex? Does he die when he finishes 13 times? Anyways, his aunt sends all manner of women after him to milk him in the hopes that he never has that kid and she can keep the money for herself.

Director Morton M. Lewis also directed the mythical Sylvester Stallone porn The Party at Kitty and Stud’s— it exists but it isn’t really porn — and produced Secret Rites and Suburban Wives. His uncredited co-director, Selwyn, also wrote Keep It Up, Jack. Gerry Levy provided additional dialogue and he wrote Horror House, parts of The Crimson Cult and the film he directed, The Body Stealers.

It’s not great, but I have yet to see a British sexploitation movie that is.

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