Dark Tower (1987)

You’d think that Michael Moriarty would have had enough of window washers falling off of high rises, but he’s back — well, he’s playing a security expert instead of a thief, this time Dennis Randall — and he’s trying to figure out why people keep dying inside a possessed high rise.

The mystery that I will solve for you is that director Ken Barnett is really two people.

Original director Ken Wiederhorn (Shock Waves) was replaced by Freddie Francis. Yes, the Amicus director, making his last movie.

He wasn’t the only replacement. Moriarty replaced Roger Daltrey and Jenny Agutter (An American Werewolf In London) replaced Lucy Guttridge.

Released in the U.S. as The Curse V and as Demons 7: The Inferno in Japan, this movie starts with some great deaths — and Agutter in some of the most ridiculously unrevealing lingerie ever seen in a movie — and becomes a haunted high rise movie that can’t compete with Demons 2 or Poltergeist 3.

It does have Kevin McCarthy playing a psychic trying to investigate what’s happening as well as a finale that has Agutter’s hair and wardrobe looking different in nearly every scene.

This was a Sandy Howard production, just like Blue Monkey, so it definitely was on the shelf of your video store.

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