Ten Tubi picks of the week (week 1)

I was discussing Tubi with Bradley Steele Harding this morning and we were just stunned by how many movies are available, all in one place, with just a few commercials to deal with to find some movies that had — until now — been somewhat difficult to find.

The only problem?

There’s just so much!

This conversation made me think: what if I picked ten movies on Tubi that I’d recommend? And here it is! Once a week, I’ll be sharing links and quick write-ups of some films on the service — sometimes all in one genre, often just whatever I am watching.

Are you interested in sharing your list? Let me know!

1. Devil Story: TUBI LINK 

My summary of this movie will make you say, “That’s not a real movie.” Here goes nothing: A mutant killer in an SS uniform is wandering the countryside while a couple’s car breaks down and leads them to a castle that looks over a pirate ship wrecked into the rocks, all while they’re watched by the mutant’s mother, a gypsy who lives with a mummy. Also: a horse that’s either possessed by the devil or Satan himself.

2. Cemetery of Terror: TUBI LINK

Directed by Rubén Galindo Jr., this movie is like mixing up Evil Dead, Halloween, the video for “Thriller” and Scooby-Doo all with tons of gore. It’s like the lost horror rental you never saw from a country you’ve never been to.

3. The Lost Empire: TUBI LINK

What if Russ Meyer directed Enter the Dragon? This is a movie that I want more people to obsess over, with three gorgeous women — Raven La Croix, Angela Aames and Melanie Vincz — battling Angus Scrimm.

4. Too Beautiful to Die: TUBI LINK

A fashion agency is shooting videos that feel very BDSM and feature really long, intricate daggers, all while making videos for Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Warriors of the Wasteland.” We all need more late 80s giallo in our life.

5. Party Line: TUBI LINK

All hail absolute junk! The most 1988 movie that I have ever seen, this is Cinemax After Dark semi-sleaze mixed with Leif Garrett, a slasher and even giallo-esque elements all with the gimmick of sex talk party lines, which before the interest used to dominate late night airwaves. This movie wants to use you and not even leave a note.

6. Mr. Majestyk: TUBI LINK

All Bronson wants to do is grow his watermelons. People get in his way. People get killed. Man, I could watch Bronson do just about anything and be happy.

7. Season of the Witch: TUBI LINK

Isn’t it incredible that we can just instantly watch this George Romero movie — once nearly lost at worst and hard to find at best — as easily as pressing a button on our remote? This is straight-up Yinzer GialloA Lizard In a Woman’s Skin if it was set in North Versailles.

8. Hard Ticket to Hawaii: TUBI LINK

There are so many Andy Sidaris choices on Tubi. For those who haven’t stepped into his world, this would be a good start, as it’s a deranged film filled with inflatable love doll bombs, radioactive toilet snakes and gorgeous men and women. Get into it! Killing is an art form!

9. Django the Bastard: TUBI LINK

The best Django sequels are the ones that push the story as far as it can go. Like this one, where Django is a dead man come back to set the scales of justice back where they need to be. This is more horror than western and all the better for that.

10. BatwomanTUBI LINK

Rene Cardona kept trying to make the same movie until he got it right: fabulous wrestling women, grotesque monsters, lots of real surgery scenes, lucha libre matches and a nonsenical plot to try and make it all work. Guess what? It always works.

3 thoughts on “Ten Tubi picks of the week (week 1)

  1. This is terrific, and I’m glad you’re making it a regular feature. Adding a bunch of these to my list right now.
    So many Tubi finds for me fit the description “heard about it but never could find a copy.” Things like Steel Arena, Texas Lightning, Aloha Bobby and Rose, Hannah Queen of the Vampires, etc. And the commercials are quite tolerable, especially compared to some other streamers.


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