The Institute (2022)

The first full-length movie from director and writer Hamza Zaman, who also plays Yogi, The Institute is about Marie (Victorya Brandart) and Dan Sullivan (Ignacyo Matynia), who find the remote clinic of Dr. Arthur Lands, who they hope can finally help them to have a child. His methods are bizarre, but are they sinister?

Of course they are.

Why else would be watching this movie?

Actually, the baby making on display in this movie is basically tripping out in a roomful of strangers while lights flash and a radiation machine does its scientific magic, which seems quite out of the blue, but I was there for it.

What I really love is that the official site for this movie is really for the Lands Institute, located in the gentle hills of the Ipswich mountains. Far far away, behind the mountains, far from the teeming diseased cities we lay our plans, says the site, which stays in character.

The Institute is available on demand and on DVD and blu ray from Gravitas Ventures.

One thought on “The Institute (2022)

  1. That’s it…? Uh… like, where’s the ‘Review’ mate? I came here because you are listed as an ‘External Review’ on IMDB. I was kind of HOPE’n for a little more about the film Bro 😊


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