Little Deaths (2011)

Produced, written and directed by Sean Hogan, Andrew Parkinson and Simon Rumley, Little Deaths lives up to its title by being a sex and violence filled anthology.

Hogan’s “House and Home” concerns a couple that keeps kidnapping homeless women under the cover of charity and then use them up as playthings. Yet when they pick Sorrow, they soon learn they’ve picked the wrong woman.

In Parkinson’s “Mutant Tool,” a sex worker starts to see visions after starting drug rehab. That’s because she’s been connected to a mutant captive of the doctor whose mental emissions create hallucinations. By the end of this body horror story, she’s, well, grown a new mutant tool that the doctor starts to harvest.

Rumley’s “Bitch” tells the tale of a couple whose BDSM sex life includes her making him live like a dog due to her hatred of canines. After she cucks him despite his struggles to improve their relationship, he does what any of us would by training a pack of feral dogs to destroy her. To be honest, the end makes little to no sense as I wouldn’t see Claire suddenly switching from being dominant, but the story needed to work out that way one supposes.

If you have an issue with sex mixed with violence or with the way men view sex with violence, perhaps you should stay away from this. The idea of a sex and violence themed portmanteau is a good thought, even if this movie doesn’t live up to the promise.

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