Vicious Fun (2020)

I want to know what it was like to live in the 1983 of 80s throwback movies, where it’s always neon-lit and set to synth. I kind of remember everything being woodgrain and dismal, but to quote The Hold Steady, “I’ve survived the eighties one time already. And I don’t recall them all that fondly.” You know, outside of all the movies that came out back then.

Joel (Evan Marsh) is a horror movie journalist, aspiring movie writer and pretty much incel who yearns for a roommate that wants nothing to do with him. After trying to play detective and get her latest boyfriend Bob (Ari Millen) to break up with her, he stumbles upon a self-help group for serial killers. Bob is one of them, throwing off his ruse as a taxi cab killer, and leading to the killers stalking him.

This movie makes the most of a David Koechner cameo, as well as appearances by Robert Maillet (formerly WWEs Kurrgan), Julian Richings (the janitor in Urban Legend) and Amber Goldfarb as Carrie, one of the killers who may be more than she seems.

Much like everything that came after Scream, this film desperately wants to take the piss out of the slasher genre while falling to the failings of said films. It says nothing new, it brings Patrick Bateman-lite in as its bad guy and at least has funny cops. Director Cody Callahan also made the two Antisocial movies, as well as The Oak Room, which is also about bad things happening at a bar, and Let Her Out.

You may enjoy this. As for me, if I want to be awash in endless nostalgia, I know that I have plenty of better slashers to indulge in. I’d recommend Just Before DawnThe Prowler or, well, anything made before 1983 to be perfectly honest.

You can watch this on Shudder.

2 thoughts on “Vicious Fun (2020)

  1. The trend of meta films is a very big thing right now in horror. Cabin In The Woods, Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon are good examples. Vicious Fun tries to do that but is kind of… ehhh. I actually love the idea of horror coming together for something bigger… like Dead By Daylight does with the slasher genre, but in a video game.

    The idea that a group of slashers has a support group and share secrets and motives is cool and has potential. But it would have been better to keep up with that aspect than what they did. The guy joins the group and then becomes the hunted. We lose track of this bigger picture to the movie. All I want is more insight into the slasher world and what larger entity or establishment that is controlling these psychos. Not some douche bag simp that has the hots for his room ate… which doesn’t even go anywhere.

    By the way. I hated the main character. He was so annoying and his mannerisms weren’t comical. Also the girl turning out to be the Dexter in the group was dumb.

    They had great potential and failed to get it. If you were a support group for killers, you would do it at a… a high school prom or sorority and frat party. Like in the janitor office or pool house. Then when they finish they go have “cake” which means slaughtering the teens.

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    • After Sam’s review, along with your insights, I’ll have to stream this myself. Curiosity is killin’ the kitty, here. I have seen Cabin in the Woods and Dead by Daylight, so at least I know what I am getting into.

      Thanks for taking the time to offer up your insight. It’s very much appreciated.

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