Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997)

If anyone can make a movie about the Leprechaun in space entertaining, it’s going to be Brian Trenchard-Smith. I mean, this is a movie where a space marine urinates all over the dead body of the little guy and the dead leprechaun’s spirit turns into VD and climbs into his urethra. With just that idea alone, I’m pretty much into this movie.

Also, Warwick Davis’ Leprechaun is going to marry Zarina, a princess, and become a king, but she just wants his gold. They both plan on killing one another when those space soldiers, led by the cybernetic Dr. Mittenhand, come to rescue the princess. That dude gets turned into a monstrous spider/scorpion and the leprechaun goes gigantic.

Obviously, this movie has nothing to do with any of the others in the series. It started as a ripoff of Apollo 13 and just got sillier from there. It works. I mean, this movie features nearly every single character getting horribly destroyed. I’m all for that.

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