Write for us!

We’re always looking for more writers to be part of the site. Sure, we don’t pay, but we’re willing to let you write about just about any movie that you want to, at any length and in any style or format. We get around 700-1000 visitors a day and share our reviews on Letterboxd, IMDB, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, so your work will get an audience.



April 4-10: Post-Apocalyptic movies: We’ve done so many of these, but hey, let’s bring ’em back! Due April 3 – still a few slots left. Tell us your ideas.

April 11-17: Ancient Future: Remember when they said the internet was going to look way crazier than it did? Think HackersThe Net and anything cyberpunk! Due April 10 — All slots filled.

April 18: Lee Majors week! Due April 17 — All slots filled.

April 25-May 1: TV movies: This is pretty much all we watch, so bring it! Due April 24 — lots of still slots opens.


May 2 – May 8: Hong Kong week. Due May 1 — plenty of slots still open.

May 9-15: Space movies. Due May 8 — pretty much filled up, but let’s hear your idea to fill a couple open slots.

May 16-22: Bruno Mattei week. Due May 15 — we have the movies scheduled, but not reviewed. Check with us to see what titles are still open.

May 23-29: Drag race movies and Michael Fishcia. Due May 22 — All slots filled.

May 30-June 5: Heavy Metal Movies, any movie in Mike McPadden’s (RIP!) book. Due May 29.


June 6-12: Teen Movie Hell, any movie in Mike’s other book. Due June 5.

June 13-19: The films of K. Gordon Murray. Due June 12.

June 20-26: Ron Marchini movies. Due June 19 — All slots filled.

June 27-July 3: Norman J. Warren week. Due June 26 — All slots filled.


July 4-10: Paperbacks from Hell, any movie based on a trashy paperback. Due July 3.

July 11-17: Weird live action Disney movies. Due July 10.

July 18: Argentina-made movies. Due July 17.

July 25: Back to Mexico! Mexican films, so more Santo. Due July 24.


August 8 – 14: Anthology flicks. Due July 8. Classics and newer.

August 22 – 28. Full Moon Studios. Due July 22. All films picked/scheduled, but not claimed/reviewed. Check with us and pick your films!


September 5 – 11: All Giallo Week, be it Italian and Spanish classics, or newer retro flicks. We’ve done so many already, but there’s always new reissues on Blu and DVD of the classics, as well as new retros. Check out our “Exploring Giallo” feature for the ones we’ve done.

September 26 – October 2 – Any and all films from Japan, be it classics or new films. We’ve done so many, but let’s hear your ideas.





We also need help moping up our three-part U.K. Video Nasties “Exploring” lists. You can visit the links for more information. Also check out this IMDb list of all the “Nasties” to help in your deciding on the films you want to review.

Here’s what we have left to review. All others are either done or claimed, written, and ready to post. These will post anytime.

Section 1
Faces of Death

Section 2
Boogeyman II
Evil Dead, The
Human Experiments
I Miss You, Hugs Kisses
Killer Nun
Women Behind Bars

Section 3
Black Room, The
Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
The Evil, The
Executioner, The
Foxy Brown
Hell Prison, aka Escape from Hell
Last Hunter, The
Les Demons
Love Butcher, The
Mark of the Devil
New Adventures of Snow White, The
Schoolgirls in Chains
Scream for Vengeance!
Shogun Assassin
Street Killers
Toy Box, The
Werewolf Woman
Wrong Way

Drive-In Typewriter

We have so much planned this year and want you to be a part of it. Either comment here or write to us at bandsaboutmovies@gmail.com.

If you have an idea outside of this, please just tell us. We’re always happy to feature any writer, as long as you’re not linking to things for sale (unless you’re a video label or director). We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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