Tomie: Replay (2000)

The second part of Tomie — the first sequel was the TV version called Tomie: Another Face — this story takes its inspiration from the Basement section of the original manga. It was directed by Fujirō Mitsuishi, with this movie as his only IMDB credit.

It was released on a double bill with Uzumaki, another movie adaption of the manga work of Junji Ito.

At the very beginning of the film, a six-year-old girl is taken into a surgical room where the head of Tomie is found — still alive — inside her stomach. It is placed in the basement and everyone in the room disappears, as the head grows into a full Tomie and starts her spell on a boy named Takeshi.

Meanwhile, the disappearance of the doctors is solved as Tomie’s blood has infected theirs and they’ve all gone insane. Speaking of crazy, Takeshi has already decapitated Tomie in an act of jealousy, watched her regrow that head and he is committed to a mental ward.

The daughter of the head of the hospital — who has also been driven to death by Tomie — is called to the hospital by Tomie, who wants another young boy, Fumihito, to kill her. However, at the last moment, he beheads Tomie instead and they burn her body. Has no one learned anything?

This version, however, looks like a proper horror movie and has a better budget. The idea that Tomie isn’t just some kind of monster, but really an infection, is a much deeper idea.

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