Want more ways to write for us?

We’re always looking for more writers to be part of the site. Sure, we don’t pay, but we’re willing to let you write about just about any movie that you want to, at any length and in any style or format. We get around 700-1000 visitors a day and share our reviews on Letterboxd, IMDB, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, so your work will get an audience.

Beyond the Mill Creek month in February, here are the theme months that we’re planning for 2021:

January 3 – 9: Japanese films (all of the Tomie movies are already covered, as well as sure absolute insanity like Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, the Yokai Monsters and Sweet Home). Due January 2 at the latest.

January 10-16: Giallo movies (we’ve covered tons of these movies, but we’re digging deep to watch Tropic of Cancer, Edgar Wallace German movies and more). Due January 9 at the latest.

January 17-23: Mexican movies (Santo, Blue Demon, monsters and anything else you’d like to see). Due January 16 at the latest.

January 24-30: Matriarchy movies (women in charge, in space, in the jungle and anywhere they want to go, including Fire Maidens from Outer SpaceCat-Women of the Moon and many, many more). Due January 23 at the latest.

February: Mill Creek Month

March 1-6: Drugs! Any drug movie you’d like to share with us, due by the end of February.

March 7-13: Weird docs and educational films: It’s time to learn the wrong things about the right subjects. Due March 6 at the latest.

March 14-20: Regional Horror: The small town and state drive-in movies of the past, made for a small audience that the rest of the world discovered much later. Due March 13.

March 21: The movies of Barry Mahon. Due March 20.

March 28- April 3: The movies of Ray Dennis Steckler. Due March 27.

April 4-10: Post-Apocalyptic movies: We’ve done so many of these, but hey, let’s bring ’em back! Due April 3.

April 11-17: Ancient Future: Remember when they said the internet was going to look way crazier than it did? Think HackersThe Net and anything cyberpunk! Due April 10.

April 18: Lee Majors week! We’re pretty much full here, but if you have a different. take on Lee, go for it! Due April 17.

April 25-May 1: TV movies: This is pretty much all we watch, so bring it! Due April 24.

We have so much planned this year and want you to be a part of it. Either comment here or write to us at bandsaboutmovies@gmail.com.

If you have an idea outside of this, please just tell us. We’re always happy to feature any writer, as long as you’re not linking to things for sale (unless you’re a video label or director). We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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