No Man’s Land (1987)

<In a deep “movie trailer” announcer’s voice>: Starring D.B Sweeney as Paul Walker and Charlie Sheen as Vin Diesel in an explosive tale about a cop infiltrating a street-racing car theft ring . . . in No Man’s Land . . . a tale about a rookie patrolman (that “doesn’t act like a cop”) assigned to an undercover job that utilizes his car skills. Also starring Randy Quaid as Ted Levine and Lara Harris as Jordana Brewster. Playing now on HBO and Showtime. Also available at your local mom n’ pop video store.

The Porsche chase!

The best we got for a freebie online stream is a 12-part upload on You Tube, as it was pulled from TubiTV — and it is no longer offered as a free-with-ads stream on Vudu, either. The good news is that MGM has made this readily available as a DVD and VOD across multiple platforms. As they should: this is a classic. Seriously, this is an enjoyable Sheen-starrer from his Wall Street heydays. Watch it and enjoy its King of the Mountain (1981; yep, also reviewed this week week, look for it) vibes.

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