Drive-In Friday: Your Movies Here!!

If you’re a regular visitor to B&S About Movies, you know that beginning in March the site started a new feature where, each Friday at 11 AM, we share movies that would play at an all-night drive-in — provided if we owned our own drive-ins.

Some of our guest staff writers, such as loyal readers and good friends Paul Andolina, Roger Braden, Eddie Harrison of Film Authority, and overall drive-in movie fan Sean Mitus have shared some of their favorite drive-in flicks. You can write whatever you want. A double feature? A triple feature? A four or five film event? A theme night with your favorite actor or director? A slasher night? A zombie night? Go nuts! Mainstream films, underground films, trash flicks . . . share you films and your knowledge of film with the world.

Is a “Drive-In Friday” feature unable to contain your excitement for films?

Then how about doing a “Top Tens” feature? Paul Andolina of Wrestling with Film, Mark Begley of Wake Up Heavy: Recollections of Horror, Jesse Berberich of Disreputable Cinema, Roger Braden of Valley Nightmares, professional wrestler Derek Direction, Craig Edwards of Let’s Get Out of Here!, wrestler and film fan Kris Erikson, filmmaker Matt Frame, Robert Freese of Videoscope Magazine, YouTube‘s Roslyn Frost, Donald Guarisco from Schlockmania, Gregg Harrington of Neon Brainiacs, Ted Lehr of Super No Bueno, Adult Swim animator William Mendoza, Lana Revok of Starts Today, Bill Van Ryn of Drive-In Asylum, and Slasher Trash of Slasher Trash have come through with great reviews of their favorite “tens”.

Or would you rather show us what DVDs and VHS tapes are in your collection? For that we have a “Show Your Stacks” featurette. You can check out the stacks of Dustin Fallon of Horror and Sons to get an idea. Pick a letter or pick a theme. Just snap a pic, write it up, and send it on over.

But you don’t have to be a writer or a curator of a magazine or online ‘zine to write for B&S About Movies. You can just be a fan with a love of old UHF-TV of the ’60s, drive-ins of the ’70s, home videos of the ’80s, and DVDs of the ’90s. All fellow WordPress-member followers of B&S About Movies are welcome. Or if you are just one of the many who have us bookmarked the site or visit us from the IMDb or Letterbox’d, you’re welcomed as well.

So drop us a line at or add a comment below. We’ll get in touch and share your “Drive-In Friday,” “Show Your Stacks,” and “Top Tens” with the world.

As always . . . make sure to drive with your parking lights on and clean up after yourself, as those darn burger and hot dog foil wrappers wreck havoc on the bush hog. And don’t forget to try our snack bar, which will remain open until the last feature starts.

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