Superargo and the Faceless Giants (1968)

In 1966, Nick Nostro wrote and directed Superargo Versus Diabolicus. It must have done well, because this sequel came out two years later, except that it has a totally different cast and crew. Paolo Bianchini wrote and directed, with Ken Wood (Giovanni Cianfriglia) — Steve Reeve’s body double — taking over as Superargo. He’d go on to be in several Enzo G. Castellari movies like Keoma and Tuareg – The Desert Warrior.

The actual movie is pretty simple. Superargo is a pro wrestler who seems to have an endless array of superpowers that pretty much show up when and if he needs them. Different sports stars are being turned into Faceless Giants that all want to kill Superargo, who has a swami sidekick. So there’s that.

Obviously, by this week’s movies, you can tell that I’m fascinated when wrestlers battle crime. This is but another tale in that vein, but perhaps not as completely mental as a Mexican lucha movie.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime. There’s also a Rifftrax version.

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