You have two weeks to be part of Chilling Classics month!

You may not have heard, but we’re opening up the opportunity to write for our site! We’re going to feature multiple reviewers tackling the fifty movies that come inside Mill Creek Entertainment’s Chilling Classics set.

Cue Robert Stack, there’s an UPDATE! There are multiple versions of this boxed set, so we’re going to feature the other movies that are on the newer version, too. That means it looks like I’m going to watch ten more movies than I was planning to! Can you help? Please?

There’s no set length and you can write about anything you want to! Here’s an IMDB list that will help you see exactly what movies these are.

Movies that have not been claimed:

  • The Hearse – I would love if someone took this one on, as I’ve already watched it!
  • Horrors of Spider Island
  • Gothic
  • Body in the Web
  • The Devil’s Hand

We already have some awesome writers lined up, but you’re totally invited! Just email, reply here or send me — Sam Panico — a message on Facebook or Twitter.


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